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In Canada, figured out how an old car turned into drones. Video

В Канаде придумали, как старые машины превратить в беспилотники. ВидеоCompany from Toronto offers a system LaneCruise that can grant autonomy any car.

The device placed on top of the already existing controls and begin to perform all actions for the driver: the system manages the steering wheel, pushes on the pedals. Does not look so futuristic, like in the Tesla, but it works and fits for any cars.

The whole system from X-Matic consists of 5 main components: CPU, front camera, touch-screen interface for the driver, the actuator for the steering wheel and drive pedals. We can immediately note an important difference from systems the leading manufacturers of drones: this does not use radar or lasers to detect objects around. This has a positive effect on cost, but effectiveness and safety remain in question.

The only sensor that the car will feel the world is a camera. It is mounted under the rear view mirror. The information arrives at the Central processor system which adopts the decision on the work of an actuator. The manufacturer says that the system is not inferior in quality to the counterparts. LaneCruise distinguishes signs, sees lane, other road users and responds to it: changes lanes, slows down, speeds up.

There are a number of limitations. LaneCruise is primarily an assistant to the driver. He could not provide a high level of autonomy and even more so to replace the driver. Limitations are also imposed by the lack of sophisticated sensors. Because of this, the system can not be intersections without cars, roads without markings. The system is not just to drive the address and wait for it to bring the driver back. The company claims that the system can give 2-3 level of autonomy. And the main advantage is that it is enough to any car with an automatic transmission.

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