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In Canada, a teenager with a hatchet is going to attack the school

В Канаде подросток с топором в руках собирался напасть на школу 17-year-old boy was planning a terrorist attack.

In Toronto (Canada) police arrested a 17-year-old boy on suspicion of planning an attack on the school.

The police said that they knew about the upcoming attack last week. The guy was planning to commit the kind of act of terrorism in the 27-th anniversary of the massacre at the College of Montreal.

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Militiamen detained the teenager. During the search he was found with two swords, four knives, and arrows.

Note, 6 December 1989 at the Polytechnic University of Montreal Marc Lepine, who was a staunch opponent of feminism, a semi-automatic rifle and a 20-minute shot 14 young women. After that, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the temple. Arriving at the scene police found in the pocket of lepina, a note with the following text: “Feminists have ruined my life. I was avenging myself.”

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This annually on this day across Canada held a memorial ceremony in memory of the victims.

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