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In Cambodia caught a real vampire

В Камбодже поймали настоящего вампира Man alive possessed drank the blood of the dogs.

Cambodian in Kompong Thom province last Sunday, police arrested the man red-handed caught his own parents.

The man killed at least five animals, including three dogs and drank of them alive all the blood, tearing at their throat.

24-year-old farmer Wounds the rich lived with their parents in the commune Rip. Around 5 PM on Saturday, he drank wine from the bottle and in his own words at him then as if something possessed. He felt a supernatural force and desire of blood.

The parents of the rich was out of town, so no one bothered to attack the man in the yard of a house on three of their own dogs, and then kill them alive by sucking out all the blood of animals. After that, he still felt a strong thirst for blood, Ran so rich went and killed the same way a chicken and a cat.

According to police major Chun Bopha, then the man finally sated and fell asleep, and the morning came, his parents and saw in the house a horrible sight. Everything was smeared with blood, and the rooms littered with the bodies of animals gnawed throat.

“He looked scary, like a Ghost, even his own parents were afraid to approach him. They ran to the police and about 10 o’clock in the morning Ran rich was arrested.”

In addition to police, the man’s mother appealed for help to the local Buddhist monks, she asked me to banish her son from evil spirits.

“The monks told her that her son’s body was possessed by an evil Ghost and he made him a brutal murderer and forced to drink the blood of animals alive.”

Currently RAS is rich with the monks, where it is prepared for the cleansing rituals. No charges from the police side, he was not charged, as all the dead animals were the property of his family.

We will remind that earlier similar dog vampire detained in Yemen. In 2016, the neighbors of the vampire noticed him doing that, and when the police broke in to a private house of the suspect on the outskirts of al-Hudaydah, caught him right behind the process, untidy man sucked the blood from a small live puppy.

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