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In California successfully launched a carrier rocket Falcon 9

В Калифорнии успешно запущена ракета-носитель Falcon 9 SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket for the first time since the September crash.

Heavy carrier rocket Falcon 9 with the telecommunication satellites of the Iridium NEXT started with a base of us air force Vandenberg in California.

As reports TASS with reference to the message of the company SpaceX, the launch took place at 12:54 am East coast time USA (19:54 Kyiv time).

This is the first launch by SpaceX since the accident of its Falcon 9 rocket in September last year. “1 minute and 17 seconds, flight is normal”, – said the mission control center SpaceX.

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In less than an hour after starting the lower stage of the rocket made a controlled descent to the sea platform in the Pacific ocean. “The operation was successful”, – said SpaceX.

The company’s specialists work out the descent of the lower stage for re-use in the next runs.

As reported by the company’s specialists, accident the previous run in September occurred due to a failure in one of the three high-pressure cylinders, which were located in the tank with liquid oxygen in the second stage of the rocket.

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Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) is an American private company – manufacturer of space technology, which developed the launch vehicles Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 to make them reusable. The company also developed the Dragon spacecraft to orbit, the Falcon 9 is designed to resupply the International space station. The company was founded in 2002, the former owner of PayPal and CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk with the aim to reduce the cost of space flight.

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