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In California appear a tunnel of the future Elon musk

В Калифорнии появится тоннель будущего Илона МаскаCity officials Hawthorne (California) has allowed Elon musk to build a “trial” tunnel length of 3.2 km in the city.

Earlier, The Boring Company was able to conduct excavations only within the headquarters of SpaceX, but of the new underground system will go beyond the boundaries of private property.

It also became known that fans of another company’s Mask — Tesla — will be able to ride on the drill machine for participation in a promotion.

The company Elon musk Boring Company to build a test tunnel with length of 3.2 km in Hawthorne, California. Permission to conduct drilling operations at a depth of 13 m issued by the local city Council. Underground utilities will be located under public roads, but to dig a tunnel under the houses and businesses of the company are not allowed. Representatives of the company promise that residents will not even notice the presence of the drill machine under the ground.

In the process of excavation, the company will monitor the condition of the soil to avoid landslides.

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