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In Buryatia competed for the welfare of Putin

В Бурятии соревновались за благополучие ПутинаIn Buryatia was an unusual tournament.

On April 23 FSK has passed the international tournament on wrestling buhe barilan dedicated to the Goddess “Tara White is Sagaan Gift, Ache” – the patroness of the Highest hierarchs of Russia. The tournament was held for the health and well-being of Vladimir Putin.

In the tournament on the Buryat national wrestling involved more than 1000 athletes.

On the carpet out of the team from the TRANS-Baikal territory, the Irkutsk region, Republics of Sakha (Yakutia), Tyva, Khakassia and Mongolia. There were over 1,000 wrestlers.

Winners and prize-winners of competitions were awarded the original medals, diplomas, cash prizes. The winners of the tournament in each weight category presented with silver medals with the image of the Goddess White Tara, and the winners – men is already a gold medal with the image of the Goddess. The original medals were made in a Studio “Erchim Darkhan” Ivolginsky datsan.

Among the audience were also awarded prizes for the stallion, bull, sheep of the Buryat breed, puppy of breed “well”, refrigerator, iPhone and TV.

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