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In Bryansk, a transgender person sentenced to 3 years for erotic manga social network

В Брянске трансгендера приговорили к 3 годам за эротическую мангу в соцсети

A court in Bryansk sentenced to 3 years in prison transgender woman Michelle for posting erotic manga “Vkontakte”. About it writes “the New newspaper” with reference to the lawyer of the Moscow community center and LGBT initiatives Mary Chamilova.

According to the newspaper, Michelle has published “Vkontakte” several drawings depicting naked characters from Japanese cartoons. The examination found that the picture painted of the “males under 14 years of age.” The woman was found guilty of distributing pornography depicting minors (part 1 of article 242.1 of the criminal code).

“Before pictures noticed they were hanging the year on her page,” — said Chamilova.

Michelle has not completed transgender transition and have not changed the documents, so the passport was given a male name. She worked as a doctor in a city hospital. Lawyer Maria Kasilova suggests that Michelle may not survive, as she is partially disabled, she had cancer of the bladder.

“Michelle was not operating jump, but only hormone therapy. She probably has no medical records about a sex change, and then in prison she won’t have hormones. It is very dangerous. Michelle’s cancer is in remission. Due to the lack of hormones she will become aggravated chronic diseases, primarily cancer, and it will be terrible things happen to her”, she said.

Transgender woman can send in the camera, in the men’s section, according to the documents she’s a man. The conclusion, Michelle is still unknown. The community center is only an indictment. Maria Chamilia wrote an appeal to the Public monitoring Commission, according to her, this is the only opportunity to learn about the health of Michelle.

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