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In Britain wrote about the death of the Queen

В Британии написали о смерти королевыIn Britain painted a plan of action in case of death of Queen Elizabeth II.

It was published in the Guardian.

“Following a serious shock to British public life, in fact, planned to the minute. It is socially important event, which will be paid at our expense and definitely gonna happen. According to the National statistical service, the British woman who reached 91 years — as the Queen will be in April — average may live another four years and three months. The Queen is nearing the end of his reign in the restless time when it is unclear the place of Britain in the world, and the Kingdom is torn by internal contradictions”, — the newspaper writes.

Action plan in case of death of Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, the government and the BBC. Most likely, according to these documents, the Queen dies in the family after a short illness. So it was, when he died the Queen-mother: it happened on the eve of Easter, the Queen mother had to call their friends to say goodbye, and to give their horses. For a few last hours of the life of the monarch the most important person in his environment will be his doctor, gastroenterologist Professor Hugh Thomas. It is he who will decide who can enter the Royal chambers, and what information about the state of health you can publicize.

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Most likely, the Royal Palace released a few short statements about the deteriorating condition of the monarch. The first official who learns of the death of the Queen, become her private Secretary sir Christopher Geidt. He will report the incident to the Prime Minister, saying the code phrase “London bridge fell.” Then, on the death of Queen Elizabeth II will report to the governments of the 15 other countries where she ruled, and representatives of the 36 member countries of the Commonwealth, for which the British monarch served as a symbolic figure.

All this time UK residents do not know about the death of the monarch. However, in the case of Elizabeth II, the sad news comes to British subjects faster than ever. The exclusive right to “force” the transfer of this message is no longer valid, so the news of the death of the monarch will be transferred marked “Urgent” in the British Agency Press Association in the world media.

In print and on the air will leave the obituaries already prepared materials. It is known that The Times of such articles will last for 11 days, and the Sky News and ITN have repeatedly carried out “exercises” to work on a plan of action in case of death of the monarch (in fact, the TV no longer even has a written agreement with the experts on the Royal family, on exclusive cooperation). The staff of the air force for 30 years held such an exercise, practicing various scenarios of the death of members of the Royal family: the Queen mother choking on a fish bone, to Princess Diana, fall in a car accident on the highway M4. The main purpose of these rehearsals is to help journalists to find the right words, the appropriate occasions.

The death of one monarch and the ascension to the throne will be another dramatic event, because the majority of Britons did not catch the last change of government. The Queen became a symbol of the British nation, and that is the last that connects Britain to her former greatness that still is determined through victory in the Second world war.

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