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In Britain, the whole village went under the hammer

В Британии целая деревня ушла с молоткаIn Britain sold a village with houses and a pub.

Investment company Albanwise acquired the village West Heslerton in North Yorkshire, which belonged to the same family of the last century and a half and was put on sale in 2016 for $ 25 million.

In the village on an area of 800 hectares located mansion of 21 rooms, a pub, a car refueling and 43 private homes. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The final price for which babiroussa in Norfolk, the company acquired the village, was not disclosed. The last owner of the village there was a certain Yves Danwei, who had inherited it in 1960-ies. After the death of Danwei in 2010, her heirs decided to sell the village.

As reported, the former owner kept the rent for local people at a low level, allowing the village to flourish.

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