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In Britain, opened the original cafe

В Британии открыли оригинальное кафе Children under 12 years to be served in the institution will not be

In the UK in Brixham opened a cafe caused outrage among local residents. The owner barred the entrance to the cafe with children under the age of 12, but you can go to the dogs.

Coffee shop called The Chart Room.

About a month ago Bob Higginson (Bob Higginson) opened in Brixham coffee shop, The Chart Room. Then the host announced that children under 12 years of age will not be served.

Furious locals consider this ban a form of discrimination.

According to Higginson, his main customers are older people who need peace and quiet. In addition, children often break things.

“We are expensive artifacts, which are not hidden under glass in museums. Previously, we have had incidents when children break things,” said the proprietor.

As previously reported, In the district of Harajuku in Tokyo there was a cafe inside with set areas for sleeping.

The café established ten beds, each of which is nine thousand dollars. The bed is equipped with lighting, also headphones through which guests will be able to quickly enter REM sleep.

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