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In Brazil, infant buried alive for 7 hours

В Бразилии младенца похоронили живьем на 7 часовPolice in Brazil have captured a family that tried to kill the baby and buried him in a national Park.

A newborn baby survived after seven hours after the family buried him alive.

The baby was buried in a National Park Shingu in the state of Mato Grosso, which is home to many tribes of Brazil, shortly after the birth on Tuesday.

Officers dug a naked child out of the sand, her umbilical cord was still attached to the body.

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Great-grandmother of the child, which is a member of the tribe of Kamagra, was detained.

Public Prosecutor Paulo Roberto said: “We are investigating whether this was an attempt at infanticide, or she thought that the child was dead”.

The child is in the intensive care unit for newborns and “survives”, he added.

The child’s family said that he had decided to abandon the girl after the mother gave birth to her in the bathroom.

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Mother is only 15 years old, and the father refused to recognize the girl.

The family was interviewed by the police in the presence of the anthropologist, psychologist and representatives of Funai, a government body responsible for the Affairs of indigenous peoples.

Paulo added that police are trying to determine whether the dealing with the customs of indigenous peoples.

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