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In Brazil, began to use the army to “deter” citizens

В Бразилии начали использовать армию для "сдерживания" гражданFederal troops will now perform the function of the police.

In the second largest city of Brazil — Rio de Janeiro continue joint raids of the police and military in the poorest and most dangerous areas of the city — the favelas ruled by drug gangs and generally very high crime rates. After the Rio Olympic games, the city began to experience significant financial difficulties, which primarily affects municipal employees — including police officers — or they are cut for several months not paid a salary. This has resulted in a shortage of personnel and increase the level of corruption in police agencies — only for current year charges were brought against 185 of police officers.

All of these financial troubles led to the rampant crime in Rio de Janeiro during the first half of this year in the city died a violent death 3 457 people, and this is the highest figure since 2009.

Brazil’s President Michael timer acknowledged the failure of the police in Rio de Janeiro to curb crime on their own and decided to send assistance to law enforcement agencies army, whose role is to guard the perimeter during a RAID in the territory of the most dangerous favelas, but also in the monitoring process with the strategic points to maintain order. The police at this time performs audits, presenting subpoenas and making arrests.

Thus, amid corruption scandals in Brazil, the image of the military gradually reabilitarea after more than two decades of brutal reign of the junta in the years 1964-1985.

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