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In Belarus, teachers are instructed to make lists of parasites

В Беларуси учителям поручили составлять списки тунеядцевIf the teacher would think that a potential parasite leads an asocial life, it should be noted that in the questionnaire.

Belarusian teachers added another social work is to rewrite the parasites. Teachers were given lists of people they should visit, and questionnaires. In the lists of “potential non-citizens”. In the questionnaire of about ten items. The first question is “do you Work?”.

– If the person answers your first question, Yes, I say thank you and leave. If not, you need to fill in the whole questionnaire, – says Elena. She teaches at one of Vitebsk schools. After six lessons, the teacher goes to “rewrite the parasites.” Census, the school administration commissioned three days, she says. For it teachers of the promised furlough. But the prospect of a day off Elena is not very happy.

– We will now several hours to go from door to door, she sighed. I’d rather have spent that time preparing for classes. And humiliating it. I don’t understand why and the recess to close throw teachers?

We are going in the neighborhood, built the old panel five-story building.

– Imagine each of those homes – for 18 – 20 people who do not work anywhere. Mostly people around the age of fifty and young people. There are families where several unemployed.

Call the apartment where, according to the lists, I have two non-working women. Opens pretty dark-haired girl.

– They work in Moscow and mother, Marina, she explains. – Finishers. Officially or not? I don’t know…

In the next apartment, where the “potential unemployed” three no one opens. Need to call neighbors and to fill in the questionnaire with their words, explains further the algorithm of actions of Elena.

Elderly neighbor shrugs. About these three she knows little. But the woman living upstairs who was not at home, said:

– This girl just worked, now gave birth to a baby, on maternity leave.

Elena is already beginning to make a mark in the questionnaire, but then stammers: according to the woman she said, fifty. It is doubtful that this “girl who gave birth to a baby.” So, with this questionnaire will have to return here later?

– It would be necessary, but… to be honest, some do not go on apartments. Complete questionnaires randomly – opened door, the neighbors know nothing. A kind of passive protest.

In several apartments there was no one home. Finally we find the living “parasite”. A middle-aged man says that since I quit my job three years ago for health reasons. Now looking after a sick aunt, but didn’t officially issued.

– I want to work – he says hopelessly. – That’s a Keeper if… You take my phone, if anyone calls, so I’m happy to go to work. And he? No, he is not looking…

The mistress is the last in the list of the apartment raises his eyebrows in surprise.

– And how did I end up in these lists? Yes, in January I quit my job to go on a visit to her daughter, she lives abroad. That’s just recently returned. Now again settled in, already found. But in the parasites if I don’t work six months, isn’t it?

Making the last notes in the questionnaire, Elena contentedly says:

– Well, today all people is adequate. And our PE teacher sent yesterday…

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