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In Belarus archeologists discovered a sensational find

В Беларуси археологи обнаружили сенсационную находкуScientists have found a unique “hammers of Thor”.

Archaeologists found ancient artifacts at the site Cordon in the Shumilino district — one of the most important archaeological sites in Eastern Europe.

A cordon was in the top 10 discoveries of the NAS of Belarus in the field of basic research for 2016 — here found an early item route “from the Varangians to the Greeks” and a lot of subjects IX—X centuries.

Information about the excavations-2017 was shared by their leader — head of the Centre for archaeology and ancient history of Belarus, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor Olga Levko:

We found dwelling complexes and unique for Belarus things. For example, the fibula — metal clasp and at the same time decoration for clothing, Nordic needle ornament “wolf tooth” pendant-key — one of the earliest types of the Scandinavian keys worn on the belt.

The main sensation of the expedition in a completely undamaged from under the ground got two “hammer of Thor”. It is the ancient warrior amulet, which was worn by the Scandinavians. This hammer was found on the territory of Belarus only once — in the nineteenth century, but he crumbled in the hands of researchers.

Rather, the findings from the Cordon will be taken to the Museum of history of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. They plan to open the stand Viking. The excavations will continue, there is enough work for more than one year.

— Let it be-Belarusian object, let him join everyone: historians, ethnographers, culturologists, Museum experts — will be interesting, — said Olga Levko.

The excavations became interested in the Russian and Ukrainian scientists, who are extremely surprised by the fact that in Belarus revealed earlier finds of the Viking age than they have. This proves a much earlier and extensive contacts of the Dvina to the North and South neighbors than the Dnieper in the Smolensk, the center of which is a well-known monument to the nest.

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