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In Beijing will drive a “clean” taxi

В Пекине будут ездить "чистые" таксиThe plan aims to reduce pollution of the environment.

Beijing authorities plan to replace all city taxi vehicles using the so-called new energy sources (new energy vehicles, NEVS).

Currently, the streets of the Chinese capital goes about 71 thousand taxis, of which 67 thousand cars use conventional fuels, mainly gasoline and diesel, writes National Business Daily. According to preliminary calculations, replacing all the taxis will take about 9 billion yuan (us$1,31 billion).

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The plan aims to reduce pollution of the environment.

“Now the purchase price of the car in fuel fuel – 60-70 thousand yuan, and the price of one machine on a net energy of about 140 thousand yuan, that is more than almost twice”, – said the representative of the Association for the leasing of cars of Beijing, Liu Tao.

Clean cars are electric cars, hybrids and cars that use a fuel cell (an electrochemical device, for example based on hydrogen).

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In China in 2016, has sold 507 thousand vehicles NEV and the production of clean cars reached 517 thousand by 2020 It is planned to increase the production of such cars to 2 million a year, said earlier the Minister of industry and information technology of China Miao Wei.

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