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In Barcelona students took part in a mass protest

В Барселоне студенты вышли на массовую акцию протестаThe students waited for the statement of the head of the Catalan government.

Mass rally of students demanding to declare the independence of Catalonia, held in Barcelona before setting Generalitat (government of Catalonia), where in the near future to make a statement, the President of the Catalan government, Carles Putteman, action translation are Spanish TV channels.

As reported by Spanish media, the head of Generalitat will announce the dissolution of Parliament and hold early elections on 20 December. Statement Pokdemon that he was going to do at 13: 30, postponed for an hour.

The students gathered in the Plaza San Jaume, which is Generalitat and the city of Barcelona. They are holding excalade is the unofficial flag of independent Catalonia. Students need to declare the independence of Catalonia. They shout “Traitor!”, “We want a Republic”, “Independence!”.

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In the morning students blocked the entrances to some of the faculties of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and conducted the procession through the streets of the Catalan capital for some time, blocking one of the highways.

After it became known about the possibility of holding early elections, but not independence of Catalonia, several MPs said that out of the Catalan European democratic party, one of whose leaders is Pujdeme.
In Catalonia on 1 October, a referendum was held on independence, which is not recognized by the Spanish authorities and who is recognized as illegal by the Constitutional court of the country. For independence, according to Catalan government, voted 90,18% of voters, the turnout was 43,03%.

The government of Spain at an emergency meeting on 21 October decided to apply article 155 of the Constitution to resolve the Catalan crisis. The office proposes to remove from office the Catalan government and within six months to announce the early elections to the regional Parliament. It is assumed that until the functions of the Catalan government will be fulfilled by the representatives of the Central authorities. These measures now must be approved by the Senate of Spain, the meeting is scheduled for 27 October.

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Pujdeme called the decision of the Madrid “humiliation” of Catalonia, the attack on democracy and called a meeting of the Catalan Parliament, requesting it to decide on further action. The hearing is scheduled for October 26.

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