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In Balakliya to be demolished four high-rise buildings

В Балаклее подлежат сносу четыре высотных домаAs a result of explosions on ardclach in Balakleya destroyed and damaged 392 object, 4 buildings are subject to demolition.

As a result of explosions of ammunition in artillery warehouses of the Ministry of defence in the city of Balakleya in Kharkiv region, which occurred in late March, were damaged and destroyed 392 of the object.

As the press service of the Kharkiv regional state administration, this was during a meeting of the field staff on liquidation of consequences of emergency situations said the head of Balakleya WGA Stepan Maselsky.

“In multifamily housing 117 homes damaged, 4 of them are subject to demolition. In the private sector the most corrupt of 228 homes, 2 destroyed. Damaged 14 buildings of the social sphere, including 8 universities, 4 institutions of culture, 1 health facility and 1 institution of sport”, – quotes S. Masalskaja press service of the RSA.

As reported the Deputy head of the RSA Evgeny shakhnenko that at the moment the main work to replace Windows and repair roofs in apartment buildings Blakley carried out more than 90%.

“The construction company started reconstruction of the slopes in the flats after installing Windows and installing doors, where they will be damaged. Work on building the Arsenal already at an advanced stage in the settlement of Oil workers work on Windows and roofs are planned to be completed until may 1, and all other construction work (internal structures, slopes, etc.) we plan to finish by 1 June. As for the private sector, from 228 houses currently have renovated 97, the rest in work”, – said E. Shakhnenko.

According to the head of the regional branch of “southern railway”, PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” Nikolay Umanets until June 1, plans to fully restore the station complex at the railway station “balakliia”.

As reported, at night on March 23 began explosions at munitions depots, located not far from the city of Balakleya in Kharkiv region.

As the head of the Kharkiv regional Council Sergey Chernov, according to preliminary estimates the damage from the explosions and fires in the disaster amounted to about 220 million UAH. He also noted that given the losses of industrial enterprises, the amount may be about 300 million UAH.

Balakliia district Council at an extraordinary session on March 26, has allocated 2 million UAH and conducting rescue and recovery operations in the city of Balakleya and the surrounding areas.

Later, the head of HOAG Yulia Svetlichnaya announced that the March 29 meeting, the government adopted the decision to allocate 100 million UAH on liquidation of consequences of emergency situations in ardclach in balakliia. 20 million UAH allocated SSES to conduct the clearance and disposal of explosive objects in the Balakleya area. On 26 April the Cabinet allocated for the completion of rehabilitation works and the purchase of housing people whose homes cannot be restored for another 45 million UAH

On 31 March, the deputies of Kharkiv regional Council at extraordinary session Balakleya district administration allocated 10 million UAH for urgent measures on liquidation of consequences of explosions and fires at the Arsenal.

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