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In Australia, the UFO has arranged surveillance aircraft

В Австралии НЛО устроили слежку за самолетамиThe pursuers were three and there are several witnesses.

In Australia, in Sydney, eyewitnesses managed to take a picture of three UFOs that were monitoring the aircraft. Something similar to the alien ships, hovering in the air over Sydney airport. Sometimes they were out of sight, probably hiding behind the clouds.

Unidentified objects, presumably of extraterrestrial origin, I saw one of the residents of Sydney. He quickly removed the UFO on the camera of your smartphone, using the maximum ZOOM. He then shared his photos with users of the Network. Ufologists immediately embarked on a close study of the photographs and came to the conclusion that they depict not one object, but three, and completely different.

Supporters of the existence of extraterrestrial races suggested that the aliens came to observe earthly aircraft. Some believe the aliens decided to visit a private base located under the ground in Sydney. In favor of their assumptions is demonstrated by the fact that this is not the first case of alien activity in the city.

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