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In Australia, the exhibition sold Honda S2000

В Австралии продана выставочная Honda S2000 In Australia one of the motorists have purchased a brand new Honda S2000, which absolutely had its run.

From the conveyor the model was filmed more than seven years ago.

According to foreign media reports, sold model Honda S2000 belonged to the series 2007 and since then was in an exhibition copy in one of the dealerships located in New South Wales. This modification of the Honda S2000 has 237 HP engine two liters, having four cylinders. The price that the buyer of this “relative rarity” has laid out for him, not yet announced. At the same time, experts note that in 2008, when the model came to sales, it, depending on the configuration, cost of 55 thousand dollars. Two-seat Roadster Honda S2000 for the first time appeared on the world market in 1999.

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Over the ten years of its release it has undergone numerous updates that have been reflected in different versions of the car. But, with all the changes, the car retains its platform, a manual transmission and naturally aspirated engines.

According to experts of the global automotive market, today the specialists of the concern Honda are developing a model that could become a worthy successor to the S2000, having, at the same time, the best speed performance. If they got it, the novelty can be quite a good alternative to the Mazda MX-5.

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