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In Australia have discovered a new species of huge dinosaur

В Австралии обнаружили новый вид огромных динозавровScientists suggest that titanosaurs were common across the planet

Australian scientists have discovered on the continent a new form of a huge herbivorous dinosaur of savannasamson (Savannasaurus).
Growth dinosaur matched to that of the modern giraffe, and its body length was 15 meters.

Outdoor explorers species belongs to the genus of titanosaurs. According to Australian paleontologists, ancient reptiles lived on the continent of the order of 95-98 million years ago.

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Scientists suggest that titanosaurs in those days were distributed across the planet. In favor of this hypothesis say the remains of representatives of this genus found in South America. The process of settlement of ancient reptiles was not later 105 million years ago. That’s when global warming has destroyed the natural land route the animals from South America to Australia via Antarctica.

Australian paleontologists, along with colleagues will continue the excavations in order to confirm this theory.

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