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In Australia found a unique gold nuggets

В Австралии нашли уникальные золотые самородкиPeople still find nuggets in the territory of the gold mines.

In Australia the miners found two gold nuggets, each of which, it is estimated, is worth several million dollars.

One of the stones weighs 95 kg and contains more than 2,400 ounces (74.6 kg) of gold. His estimated about $3 million.

A second stone weighing 63 kg, had approximately 1,600 ounces (49.7 kg) of gold. It was valued at $1.9 million.

The company said that this is a very rare find. Usually miners in Australia produced only 2 g of gold per tonne of rock.

The stones will be sold at auction as collectibles.

“People still find nuggets on the territory of the gold mines, but generally they weigh less than a few ounces,” said Professor Sam spering, Director of the Mining school of the University of Certina in Western Australia.

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