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In Australia found a sensational imprint

В Австралии нашли сенсационный отпечатокIn Australia found the world’s largest dinosaur footprint

In the area of Salisbury on the coast of the Australia Peninsula Dampierre from the University of Queensland discovered the world’s largest dinosaur footprint. This was reported on the website of the University.

Scientists conducted research in Polandii where you can see lots of footprints that were left by dinosaurs 127-140 years ago. At the moment in this region discovered thousands of dinosaur footprints, of which about 150 are related to the representatives of the 21 known species. But this print is the largest of all previously found. Its length was 1.75 meters. The previous record belonged to the trail with a length of 1.15 meters, which is found in Bolivia in July last year.

The experts found that it belonged to a sauropod — Aeronomy dinosaur with a long neck. Most likely, the height of a dinosaur was 5.4 meters.

If we went back in time 130 million years, we would see how all those different dinosaurs walked this coastline. Should be, it was a great spectacle, – said the head of research Steve Salisbury.

He also noted that the conditions on the Dampier Peninsula, which was nicknamed “the Australian steam Jurassic”, contributed to the fact that these footprints survived for hundreds of millions of years. Scientists have been working on this site for over 5 years.

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