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In Argentina found a sensational archaeological artifact

В Аргентине нашли сенсационный археологический артефактIn the mountains of Patagonia, Latin America, scientists have found an ancient fossilized plant, which reaches 52 million years

The specialists of the University of Pennsylvania reported that externally, the plant resembles fatalis.

However, precisely tell about the evolution of plants, scientists can not yet, because before was only a few seeds.

Scientists say that the fruit belongs to the family Solanaceae crops. There are over 2 000 species belonging to it, including tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant.

Scientists assume that luck will smile on them soon and they will be able to find other samples of ancient fruit in South America, which in turn will help to lift the curtain of uncertainty in this issue and learn how the process of evolution of modern plants.

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