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In Argentina found a place of landing of UFO

В Аргентине отыскали место приземления «НЛО»The puzzled ufologists.

A resident of Argentina, named Rodrigo, accidentally discovered two strange pattern in the snow in the mountain region of Makewe, the Argentine part of Patagonia.

A week ago on Saturday, Rodrigo took my motorcycle on a mountain road and suddenly noticed something strange in the snow near the road.

When Rodrigo stopped and went to look, he found the fresh snow layer of the two pattern, one big star, the other smaller and round.

At first, the man decided that it was just someone who was fooling around with boredom, but he was not himself when he realized that next to the patterns there are generally no traces, including human. And then he thought, what could be in these places landed UFO.

В Аргентине отыскали место приземления «НЛО»

On the size of the patterns Rodrigo says nothing, he probably didn’t measure them. It is also not known whether saw these patterns someone else or fall asleep during the next snowfall.

According to Rodrigo, he first went back home and told his family about what he saw, and then came back and took a few photos. He also says that in this place very rare people and he noticed these patterns just by chance.

As reported by the Argentine press, the patterns are located off highway 11 in the area of Norinco that with the onset of winter is fully closed for travel, as the roads become impassable. In these places the snow is very early.

Also someone told me that just a kilometer from this place he also saw similar drawings, which struck him by its perfection and clear forms. Photos, unfortunately, there is not.

Also, today it was reported that on the YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0., specializing in paranormalnyh phenomena, was published a new video – an excerpt from the broadcasts, broadcast live on Argentine News channel C5n.

Outside the window of a television Studio, with views of Buenos Aires, suddenly appeared a gleaming object flying across the sky. Watching his TV presenters were shocked. “It’s not a plane!” exclaimed Mariela Fernandez.

Many viewers were convinced that a TV crew managed to accidentally capture a UFO and that it can be considered a proof of the presence of aliens on our planet. The clip caused much discussion in the network.

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