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In Argentina discovered a strange snow patterns

В Аргентине обнаружены странные снежные узоры An unusual discovery was made by a local resident.

The story took place in the Argentine city of Makewe after the light snowfall on October 15. When a local man was driving down a suburban road on a motorcycle, he spotted the mysterious marks in the snow – some symmetrical drawings. One pattern was similar to the star of David, and the second a couple of circles.

The man decided to approach the anomalies to photograph. Surprisingly a local resident by the name of Rodrigo, in the snow there were no other traces. What force could leave these messages? The hero of the story suggested that the snow made the landing of aliens.

Photos received ufologists. They also believe that the strange patterns left by the aliens. And some experts even compare the pictures on the snow with patterns in the fields, which from time to time appear.

Yet no one can explain the origin of patterns. Is this another mystery without any clues for the investigation of the case? People have different theories, but whether they are true – the big question.

В Аргентине обнаружены странные снежные узоры

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