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In areas of the die more than usual

На зонах будут умирать больше обычного

How will areas, and Central virus?

A little more will die than usual for some time. There are already enough such ambushes — tuberculosis, hepatitis, HIV and all this next. Will be one more problem.

Saves a century-regulation of the community, and otherwise in conditions of total contempt for the observance of sanitary norms of the penal system? Shower once, well, twice a week, at best. Hot water in the male cells of the remand prison no. Soap — the economic low-quality, the toilet paper of the same series, 25 meters a month, which is about 80 cm for the day, one toothbrush for six months.

The people themselves have developed rules, clear and firm, though unwritten. Went “on dalnyak”, that is, to the toilet, turn on to tap water. In advance.

The toilet should be left clean. To wash hands with soap and thoroughly.

Hair wash often. To shave. Cut nails. From the same series have been dropped on the floor a spoon or a toothbrush, throw it out, it lit.

Sometimes, trying to neglect initially the new inmates. But when one understands the implications of what can be declared a devil or “charthouse” due to the fact that not washing hands after using the toilet, turn on the head.

In General, a sure sign: if in the toilet, for example, a business centre, a man talking on the phone while sitting on the toilet and then not wash his hands, he sat and probably did not serve.

And steps system will, of course, do not even hesitate. Allow transmissions in excess of the limits onions, garlic and lemons. And it is a joy.

Alex Federov, head of legal Department in “Russia Sitting”

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