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In Antarctica the penguins stole the equipment at the Ukrainian station

В Антарктиде пингвины стащили оборудование на украинской станцииIn Antarctica penguins Latvian prevent polar explorers to conduct scientific research, stealing technical equipment of geologists

Latvian researchers Janis Karuss, Kristaps Lampers and Maris Cravens arrived at the Ukrainian polar station “Akademik Vernadsky” located on the island of Galindez the Argentine archipelago in mid-February. Scientists study the internal structure of Arctic glaciers.

They hope to be able to collect data that will help to understand the processes that began in the region due to climate change.

Researchers take soil samples, which then will be analyzed upon return to Latvia.

At the end of March the station will arrive a ship with Ukrainian researchers and then will continue working together.

Recall, the Ukrainian polar biologist Andrei Utevsky 15 years visits Antarctica during 5 expeditions he discovered unknown creatures to mankind and mapped new geographical underwater objects. Scientist dives into the icy water of the South pole to a depth of 60 meters with special equipment.

AquaLung Glacia are special machines that can operate in supercooled water, as they are not frosted over and covered with ice crust. On account Utevsky, who is a member of team station Vernadsky, 186 dives.

During one of the dives, the famous scientist was faced with a sea leopard. Boast also rock Kay stone, which was found during one of the dives, and later mapped.

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