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In Antarctica have found giant pyramid of unknown origin

В Антарктиде нашли гигантскую пирамиду неизвестного происхождения The discovery was made thanks to Google maps.

How to say virtual researchers, computer technology today allow us to look into every corner of the world, including to Antarctica, which has long been virtually inaccessible to anyone except a narrow circle of people – eminent scientists and politicians.

But Antarctica opens today not only for this reason, but also because global warming disrupts her long-term glacial “cloak”, which has long turned this continent almost “invisible”. At the moment are starting to vitiate things that bring scientists, not to mention independent researchers, in a real shock.

Suffice it to say that in a few years virtual archaeologists have discovered in Antarctica a few man-made pyramids, which indicate that on this continent once flourished a highly developed civilization.

And here is another gem – another pyramid. It using Google Earth found recently independent scholar, popular blogger Graham, who immediately hastened to share his findings with the users of YouTube. Here is what he said:

“I have no doubt that it is a man-made pyramid, though it looks somewhat strange, but that’s because not all have vital, almost another half under the ice. But notice what she is huge. Compared with it the famous Egyptian pyramids at Giza just midgets.”

This find proves that Antarctica was once inhabited, and not by any primitive people, there was a highly developed society, the oldest civilization of the universe, which is likely to be considerably superior to its current development of human society.

In Antarctica with Google maps do find many mysterious objects, for example, recently virtual archaeologists found something resembling an enormous staircase, the area of concrete road with a bridge and more.

Really, as the melting of ice, this cold continent in fact we will discover something amazing, say, Atlantis, which unsuccessfully seeking humanity for so many time.

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