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In Antarctica detected radiation, rateplease glaciers

В Антарктиде обнаружили радиацию, растапливающую ледникиDiscovered an unusual source of heat.

Scientists discovered that the South pole has disappeared a piece of ice larger than the state of Rhode island (4,000 square km), and believe that all the fault of unusual, previously unknown hot spot that works on the radioactive rocks and heated water.

Researchers from the British Antarctic research (British Antarctic Survey) published their discovery in the publication of Scientific Reports.

Scientists reported about the place, which produce an unusual amount of geothermal heat. Is the source of heat melts the ice on yourself, which in turn leads to the ascent of the layers of the ice sheet.

It turns out that geothermal heat was the result of a “radiogenic granitoids” or the hot, radioactive stone and hot water, which boils at depth. After the ice melted, the water flows and fills the subglacial lake.

“The process of melting that we see, probably lasts for thousands and maybe even millions of years and does not directly contributes to changing the ice sheet, said Tom Jordan of the British Antarctic Survey and lead author of the study. – However, in the future additional water in the ice layer can make this region more sensitive to external factors such as climate change.”

The findings, say researchers, indicate that there could be a lot of localized geothermal heat sources, which we don’t know yet.

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