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In Android 10.0 Q discovered a secret feature of Google

В Android 10.0 Q обнаружена секретная функция от GoogleWe are talking about the option called Safety Hub, which, in theory, able to save a person’s life

The other day something happened that many have been waiting for. Google officially unveiled to the world the Android operating system 10.0 Q for mobile devices, but the final stable build will be released only in mid-August, then as now, anyone can download and install the test build.

The new platform has received the support of dark themes, more reliable system of protection, as well as a number of other less significant innovations, has a positive impact on the speed of the smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices.

May 12, 2019, the Android operating system 10.0 Q, to be precise, the test Assembly, was discovered a secret feature, added of course by Google. The interesting thing is that during the announcement of the new OS, developers are not told about this software absolutely nothing, so this innovation was not expected, but it will still be a new platform for electronic devices. We are talking about the option called Safety Hub, which, in theory, can save a person’s life, if something suddenly happened.

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If this setting is active, if the smartphone owner gets into an accident on the car, motorcycle, Bicycle or some other transport, the mobile device will automatically communicate with your favorite contacts and tell them about it. Particularly relevant this new feature in Android 10.0 Q can be for parents because this way they will be able to discover that with their child something happened. Presently a new option is not yet available for use, and it is therefore likely, Google was not on her to publicly declare during the announcement at the I/O 2019.

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While it is unknown exactly how smartphones based on new OS will determine that their owner was in an accident. Most likely, this will involve a variety of sensors, which currently are widely installed in mobile devices, but not the fact that all phones will get support mode Safety Hub. Most likely, Google will additionally talk about this innovation in my original IOS shortly before the release of the final stable version, and it should see the light of day in the third quarter of 2019, but most likely, the new software will be released in mid-August.

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