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In ancient amber archaeologists have discovered a unique find

В древнем янтаре археологи обнаружили уникальную находкуScientists found an unknown ancient creature with a triangular head.

The American researchers from the University of Oregon described was found in the amber insect that modern science had never met.

About a miracle-the finding reported in the journal Cretaceous Research.

The insect lay in amber about 100 million years, it is found in Myanmar. Due to this “time capsule”, the finding in intact form has reached our days.

Scientists know of 31 insect order, examined more than a million species of animals. But attributed the finding to a particular group, and especially the mind, researchers are unable. Found individual similar to ant, but has a number of features, which to the ants it can not be classified. Therefore, scientists classified it as a separate detachment Aethiocarenodea, and the species was named Aethiocarenus burmanicus – in honor of the mine, where they found a piece of amber with such a “surprise”.

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The insect has a triangular head, eyes bulging. Presumably, the insect could only move my head right and left, as all modern representatives of this class of similar form, the head moves up and down.

Emeritus Professor of entomology George Poinar, who has been studying ants most of my life, said that he had not seen anything like it.

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– This insect has a number of features that simply do not correspond to the values of any other types of insects that I know of. This seems to be the only one in the world like an insect, and after a long discussion we decided that we have to categorize it separately, he said.

В древнем янтаре археологи обнаружили уникальную находку

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