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In an abandoned car they found a giant nest of hornets

В заброшенной машине нашли гигантское гнездо шершней The frightening find was made in the USA.

We won’t enumerate the times that people find in the car – think you know the answer yourself.

It is better to cut to the chase of this post: one of American exterminators found in the cabin of an abandoned Chevrolet El Camino huge nest of the European hornet is the largest OS in the world. Its dimensions are striking enough that video is difficult to watch without emotion.

Nest “spread” from the bottom of the driver up to the roof. In order to eliminate it, the author of the video, Travis Watson, took first to treat wasp housing with pesticides, and then break it in pieces.

Moreover, the pieces of the socket barely fit in them prepared in advance under the package – you can hear the exterminator says, “I’m gonna need a bigger bag”.

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