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In amber found a snail age almost 100 million years

В янтаре нашли улитку возрастом почти 100 миллионов летThe body length of the snail is six millimeters.

Scientists from the Chinese geological University found in piece of amber from Burma the remains of a snail with a well-preserved soft tissues. Using radioisotope analysis, the researchers found that the age of gastropods is 99 million years.

The body length of the snail is six millimeters, and its armor – five. According to the researchers, this suggests that this specimen was very young. Due to the age the view of the cochlea is difficult to determine, but the analysis of operculum indicates that gastropods can be attributed to the family cyclopoid (Cyclophoridae), modern representatives of which are widespread in the region.

Scientists emphasize that the shape of the body of the snail was a little stretched. In their opinion, this suggests that, once in amber, she tried to escape. The fact that at the time of preservation of gastropods was alive, may explain why soft tissues are so well preserved.

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