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In Alaska, found traces of 200-meter tsunami

На Аляске нашли следы 200 метрового цунамиIt was the fourth largest tsunami recorded in the last hundred years in the world.

The melting of glaciers on the planet are capable to provoke local giant tsunami with a height of several hundred meters. It was established by American scientists from the University of Washington (USA) in Tacoma.

Tsunami threatening the coast of Greenland, South American Patagonia and Norway. One such tsunami occurred in 2015, the desolate territory of Alaska.

In that year, a huge landslide came down in the sea, caused by the melting of the glacier Tyndall, caused a giant tsunami almost two hundred meters that struck the coast of Taan fjord in Alaska. Because this coast is uninhabited, the incident has not led to human victims and went almost unnoticed.

“Because the Hizdakchut glaciers around the world, they alter the surrounding landscape. In the case of Taan fjord, the result was a massive tsunami,” – said Dan Shugar, co-author of the study published in the journal Scientific Reports.

To detect traces of tsunami managed by studying the remains of trees, soil and stones on the coast, which was hit by the tsunami. According to experts, the weight of the stone landslide was 180 million tons. It was the fourth largest tsunami reliably recorded over the last hundred years in the world.

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