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In Africa have discovered a new species of killer flies

В Африке обнаружили новый вид мух-убийцFlies killer aggressive behavior.

Flies killer aggressive behavior and attack not only the butterflies, beetles and other flies, but well protected arthropods such as wasps or spiders. They catch their victims in flight: punctured their chitin cover sharp proboscis and inject a poison that instantly kills the caught insect. Once inside the prey is dissolved, ctyri drains them.

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A new type, called Trichoura pardeos found in the reserve, Terberg located in the province of Northern Cape in South Africa. These ctyri prefer arid habitats, which grow plants such as aloe. Insects painted in red-brown color with silver, white and yellowish spots.

After examining his collection of various types of robber flies and noting morphological differences between them, the researchers came to the conclusion that the genus of Asilidae can be divided into two groups. One of them is characteristic of the Western part of South Africa, and the other types mostly live in the East.

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