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In a fit of anger: on Odeschin the woman stabbed her boyfriend

В порыве злости: на Одесчине женщина зарезала своего сожителяA drunken quarrel ended in the murder of men.

Last night in the Chilia branch police received a report from the village head. Approached by a local resident, told her friend that a man no signs of life. This was reported in the press service of the National police in the area.
To a scene there arrived militiamen who saw the dead 43-year-old owner of the house. He had a stab wound to the neck on the left side. The investigation was launched.

“Talking to neighbors who knew the house owner and his wife, the police found that often between them there were quarrels, they both abused alcohol. In an interview with 46-year-old mistress, it was established that on 26 September at about 21:00 hours she and her boyfriend were at the residence, they were both in a state of alcoholic intoxication, when between them there was a quarrel which turned into a fight. In a fit of rage, the woman grabbed a kitchen knife and struck him two blows in the neck and a single blow to the back of the men. Then, the victim has disappeared signs of life. Wishing to conceal their criminal actions, 46-the summer ill-minded woman went to the acquaintance and told her that he found his roommate dead”, – militiamen told.

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Now was elected the measure of restraint for the ill-minded woman. The investigation is not over. Conducted the necessary expertise.

В порыве злости: на Одесчине женщина зарезала своего сожителя

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