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In 2021 the Russian army will receive the first strategic bomber TU – 160M2

the Russian Tupolev design Bureau executes the order on the production of fifty bombers a new modification of the TU – 160M2.

В 2021 армия РФ получит первый стратегический бомбардировщик ТУ- 160М2

The first car in this class troops should have achieved in 2021. According to preliminary data, the new aircraft will not reach supersonic speeds, but will be able to overcome the distance of more than 11 thousand kilometers and can carry 30t. payload. And the modified airframe of the bomber is made of stealth materials.

The main advantages of this modification bomber military consider increased service life (over 50 years) increased by 1 thousand kilometers range and the ability to carry high-precision cruise missiles of a new type, including nuclear equipment.

Production of the TU – 160M2 not only strengthen the country’s defense, but also create a positive economic impact. The largest in modern Russian history a production contract for 50 aircraft provided jobs to employees of the Kazan aviation plant (KAZ) until 2027. And if you translate the contract in the financial plane, the company for work performed will receive 160 billion rubles.

According to preliminary data, the entire order (50 machines TU – 160M2) the armed forces of Russia should be in 2030, and by 2023, KAZ plans to put into service four strategic bombers.

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