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In 2018 artificial intelligence can replace the support

В 2018 году искусственный интеллект может заменить службы поддержкиMost Americans prefer AI chat.

According to a new study, nine out of ten Americans say that the communication support they prefer AI chat. Next year the company will actively develop their applications to exchange messages with clients.

This year, Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon actively developed its chat service, and in the next big four will make a conversational AI the main channel of communication with customers. According to the newspaper, in 2018 an increasing number of brands begin to use chat-bots as the primary way to attract customers, and in order to personalize the experience of each person during the whole time communication with the brand.

In November, Facebook launched a Customer Chat plugin that a company can install on your website to communicate with customers. When people leave a site message history is saved and they can continue the conversation on your smartphone using the app.

Apple is also not lagging behind. The company has created a Business Chat, “a powerful way for businesses to work with clients directly through email to answer questions, schedule appointments, make payments with Apple Pay, and so forth.” Adding new features in iMessage increases the likelihood that people will remain at Apple instead of going to the website of the brand.

“In 2018 would be reasonable to use Instagram for messaging, — the Director of business development for the messaging service Snaps. — Consistent growth of Instagram and the constant introduction of new features has made the network powerful channel for top brands. By adding chat-bots, Instagram will be able to give brands the opportunity to engage in customer support and increase engagement of consumers.”

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