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In 2018 APU will receive 10 tanks Stronghold

В 2018 году ВСУ получат 10 танков ОплотTurchynov is sure that the tank is one of the best.

In the formation of the state defense order for the year 2018 will be provided for procurement for the Armed forces of Ukraine of the party of main battle tanks “Oplot”, said Secretary of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov.

“For us the task that we put before the Ministry of defense, before the defense industry, so already next year this tank went into the Armed forces of Ukraine. The state defense order for next year we envisage a minimum of 10 tanks “Oplot” to one company have been fully equipped,” – said Turchinov at a briefing in Kharkov, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“And from this time we begin the transition of the Armed forces of Ukraine by the new Ukrainian tanks. Tank has shown itself as one of the best, of course, when we test it in combat conditions, the plant will modify and improve, so that he had virtually no competition. So I imagine, anyway, and hope so,” he added.

Morozov KMDB created them by order of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, the tank BM “Oplot” is adopted for the APU in may 2009, the Ministry of defense of Ukraine in the same year ordered 10 tanks “hold-M”, but vosika was delivered to two tanks, and the contract was frustrated because of the lack of funding in subsequent years.

49 tanks “hold” Ukraine pledged to supply Thailand, the contract is close to completion.

According to experts, MBT “Oplot” has one of the highest rates of technological complexity among the new fighting machines in the world – 80%. The tank is equipped with, including with modern systems of protection of communications and armament control, including the active system to counteract high-precision weapons, night vision goggles, remote-controlled machine gun.

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