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Improve your Russian language with NovaMova

Russian language is one of the most common languages in the world. It is used by more than 260 million of people.

NovaMova will not only select and prepare unique methodology and training program for you, but also will take into account the interests and purpose of learning a foreign language that you set for yourself. Therefore, you will become the professional native language speakers of your choice.

The method of teaching Russian language for adults has its main goal – improving literacy and the using of the different didactic materials.

The training will be led by practicing teaching team who, thanks to their immersive experience, will turn the process of learning Russian language into an exciting lesson. Foreigners who graduate from our courses, have perfect language skills and also have the opportunity to get acquainted with culture, customs, attend various events, performances, exhibitions and museums in Kiev city.

Language courses fully comply with international standards, for example, you will have TORFL exam. We can include topics which you are interested in to the private classes, practice the necessary skills (for example, negotiating by telephone, writing letters, conducting business negotiations). Student can also adjust the intensity and duration of training in this School.

What will you get?

  • Maximum of modern and useful information with the exception of all unnecessary water;
  • Experienced practitioners who are ready to answer all your questions;
  • Flexibility in scheduling and shaping the software content of each student;
  • Weekend training;
  • Comfortable facilities for everyone;
  • Choice of the form of conducting the lessons: group or individually;
  • Adequate prices;
  • Friendly environment;
  • A certificate of completion of courses;
  • The convenient Kiev Location;

The benefits of learning Russian language

  • Successful combination of classical teaching methods with modern ones. This immersion learning will help you a lot;
  • An individual approach to the selection of training programs, teaching materials and techniques;
  • Priority is given to conversational practice (from 70 to 90% of classes you will speak!);
  • The usage of various programs of the Russian language, the possibility of their combinations;
  • Systematic monitoring of student performance;
  • Convenient, flexible training schedule;
  • You can start classes at any convenient time;
  • You can attend a trial lesson for free;
  • Free after-hours consultations;

Russian language course Kiev will help you to improve your language, get new skills and you will see that you spend your time on really good thing. It means that you can learn the language and you will be able to read and write correctly in the short time. So, you will have the great chance to increase your knowledge. Some people want to study this language as foreign one and some of them want just to improve their skills. If you visit NovaMova language school, you will be able learn the language perfectly.

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