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Impressive shots – the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Photo

Впечатляющие кадры - самые красивые водопады планеты. ФотоA collection of the eight most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

Augrabies, Namibia
The South African augrabies falls impressive power on the background of barren granite rocks. This natural wonder few have seen. The waterfall is securely guarded from curious tourists endless desert expanse of the Kalahari, on the southern edge of which is committed to the ocean the longest river of South Africa — Orange.

In front of the waterfall, the river, fed small streams, expanding into the Delta with a width of 7 kilometers. The entire water flow is directed into the main duct, the stone breaks into a narrow gap and with the terrifying roar falls from the 146-metre steep edge of the plateau in a gloomy gorge, broken river. The waterfall raises the waves a two-storey house. In clouds of spray rising up 100 metres above Augrabies sparkles eternal rainbow. The roar of the waterfall, reinforced by a booming echo, a mighty roll of thunder heard far across the land. Unfortunately, during the rainy season to approach Augrabies impossible. And only from a helicopter or plane you can see one of the most beautiful places in Africa — the terrible and the majestic augrabies falls.

Впечатляющие кадры - самые красивые водопады планеты. Фото

Montmorency, Canada
One of the most famous waterfalls of Quebec, in Canada, the Montmorency falls — located 7 kilometers from the city of Quebec city. The locals are proud of the fact that the height of Montmorency 83 meters and is 30 meters higher than Niagara falls. Tourists will not be difficult to approach the waterfall almost “close” (in contrast to the African augrabies falls). Around the waterfall there is a trail and wooden bridges, which you can climb up. But once you’re upstairs, water immediately dust cover clothes and return will have absolutely wet. From the bridge over the Montmorency falls offers magnificent views of Quebec city and the St. Lawrence river.

Впечатляющие кадры - самые красивые водопады планеты. Фото

Iguazu, Argentina
The Majesty of Iguazu falls is simply impossible to convey in words, this beauty needs to see with their own eyes — a huge amount of water with 275 cascades in the form of horseshoe falls from a height of 82 meters. The waterfall stretches for 3 kilometers along the river Iguazu in Argentina. The Iguazu falls is the result of strong volcanic eruption that left a large fissure in the ground. This wonder is located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, and is a world heritage site by UNESCO. You can get here pretty easy, tourism is developed at a very high level. The view from the Brazilian side the most exciting, here you can see the whole panorama of the falls, book a helicopter tour, or sail boats. Iguazu is an integral part of a unique, virtually untouched jungle ecosystem protected by Argentine and Brazilian national parks.

Впечатляющие кадры - самые красивые водопады планеты. Фото

Gullfoss, Iceland
Gullfoss is one of the most beautiful and picturesque waterfalls in Iceland. He rightly bears his name, which means “Golden falls”. Gullfoss waterfall located in the canyon of the hvita river in the Haukadalur valley, in the South of Iceland. The depth of the waterfall is 70 meters, it is directly to the place of falling water in the valley. It is noteworthy that the waterfall Gullfoss consists of two steps — cascades with a height of 21 meters and 11 meters. These degrees rotated to each other by 90 degrees. Thus, the total height of Gullfoss reaches 32 meters. A very impressive sight when in a narrow gorge at the rapids breaks a great river: the streams roaring, the air is a mist.

Впечатляющие кадры - самые красивые водопады планеты. Фото

Niagara falls, USA

No wonder Niagara falls is among the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Moreover, waterfall is the most famous waterfall in the world, and deservedly so — because the spectacle is indescribable. To see this natural phenomenon you may on the border between the United States and Canada, and it is interesting that the water falls from the States, but you can see her from Canada. The waterfall is 53 meters, and its total width exceeds 1200 meters. The waterfall is a paved road that allows tourists to enjoy the fascinating spectacle, without leaving the car. Above and below the river for the convenience of tourists built bridges and viewing platforms, as well as hotels and motels where you can stay. Near Niagara falls there are dozens of colored spotlights. Once it gets dark, their beams are directed onto a continuously moving wall falls and creating fairy illumination, increases the already impressive picture.

Впечатляющие кадры - самые красивые водопады планеты. Фото

Blackwater, USA

Compared with their “big” brothers, the waterfall “Black water” can not boast of a huge water drop height is only 20 meters. However, the cascade of “Black water” with a comfortable viewing platform, stone rocks and growing on the edges of coniferous trees, worth to see it. The highlight of the waterfall is Blackwater Falls, the dark color of the water. Experts say that black shades give water growing on the banks of the shoots of the plant under the funny name “Hemlock” and falling upstream, the needles of the red spruce. Although upon closer examination the color of the water is not so black as we are assured by numerous guides. Is “Black water” in the eponymous national Park in West Virginia.

Впечатляющие кадры - самые красивые водопады планеты. Фото

Lower Yellowstone falls, USA
Height American Lower Yellowstone falls is 94 meters, which is almost two times higher than Niagara. But in width it is substantially inferior to Niagara falls: the width of the river at the point of falling off the cliff is 22 meters. Next to turbulent flow, flying into the abyss, winds the path where you can climb to the top of the waterfall or watch the falling water. The waterfall can be seen in the Park Yellowstone “land of waterfalls”. In the national Park there are more than forty. So,the tourists have the opportunity on the way to the Lower falls of Yellowstone to see a lot of other little creations of nature.

Впечатляющие кадры - самые красивые водопады планеты. Фото

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Victoria falls, which the locals call “MOSI-OA-Tunya” (“thundering smoke”) is one of the most captivating sights on the African continent. The mighty Zambezi river falls down from the mountains, forming a water curtain with a length of almost 2 kilometers. Millions of gallons of water falling down on 100 meters and even 30 km from the waterfall you can see clouds of steam rising above Victoria. Victoria falls is one of the most unusual shape — a narrow chasm into which the water falls.

Tourists can enjoy the power of the falls near the gorge crossed by the bridge is 198 meters long and 94 meters high. The waterfall is so huge that it’s hard to look at his true glory, so people can look at Victoria through the window of the small planes and helicopters.

Впечатляющие кадры - самые красивые водопады планеты. Фото

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