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Impressive photo: as night, the Earth looks from space

Впечатляющее фото: как ночная Земля выглядит из космосаNASA has shown a unique picture of the Earth at night.

NASA has demonstrated a unique picture of the Earth, which were taken by satellites at night.

When the day turns to night, twinkling globe lights. If you look from space, the Land is decorated with beautiful lights, the result of human activities. NASA recently released the latest satellite images of Earth at night — the first “night light” shots, published in 2012. It is reported that a research group in the NASA space flight Center name Goddard in Maryland are preparing to show new high-resolution images of the globe every 24 hours. Daily updates of night lights of the Earth, will help to get a clearer idea about the activities of people and open the possibility of real-time applications to address pressing economic, social and environmental issues.

Researchers are developing new algorithms and remote sensing techniques to detect and screen out extraneous light sources to provide a clear and accurate image of the Earth at night.

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