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Impoverished oligarch Taruta showed Kiev’s mansion. Video

Обедневший олигарх Тарута показал киевский особняк. ВидеоHe is convinced that Ukraine should demand for peacekeepers in the zone of the ATO.

Ukrainian MP and billionaire Sergey Taruta believes that has played a crucial role in the termination of the advances of Pro-Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine.

“I stopped the “new Russia”. I with my team made it so that Mariupol is our territory. Without me would be handed over Mariupol. But I no longer had influence on the military, and the war began. What is my fault?”, – said Taruta, headed the Donetsk regional state administration in the midst of war in the spring of 2014.

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Call of the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, was decisive in his decision to head area.

“I called Rinat, the “Let’s do this! Here in the field you have a reputation, you take, you’re the crisis Manager, and I’m going to help the fact that the Party of regions will not disturb you”. All councils were under them,” he revealed Taruta.

According to him, Donetsk region at the time was under the unofficial leadership is not Akhmetov, Alexander Yanukovych, son of the then President, so the fight was hard.

“It was a special operation of Russia. It is necessary to understand the essence. Russia began. The first wave petered out, I went to the second part. When the principle of the militants neutralized, they began to throw the terrorists with weapons. It was necessary to respond to all the threats that were. And we (the government) still thought and thought and feared I’d visit Russia, start to attack the army,” recalled the beginning of the conflict in the Donbas the MP.

He claims that he was not afraid and offered to lead the operation against the separatists.

“I would then very quickly finished. But I just had on economic and social issues, nothing more. Everything else – power, security service, Ministry of emergency situations – report directly to Kiev”, – said Taruta.

Akhmetov at the time lived in Donetsk in his estate.

“He said there is no one who can resist,” – said Taruta about Akhmetov.

Now, he is convinced, Ukraine, as chair of the UN security Council should demand for peacekeepers in the zone of the ATO.

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