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Important parameters of summer tires

Важные параметры летних автошинThe choice of summer tires is not just a requirement dictated by the peculiarities of the climate. It has two sets – a pledge of confidence in the car when driving on a hard surface, the safety of the driver. Therefore, it is important to take care of it and order the summer tires on already this season or in anticipation of the next. Good, quality tires are selected for optimal compliance with the class machine and operating conditions, can ensure the driving comfort in the warm time of year. To identify such tires can be on a number of grounds.

Technical features summer tires

On the market of tyres presented in a huge variety. Summer tires definitely come in an assortment of any company which is engaged in production of rubber. Moreover, in the lines of brands they are represented by several models. Summer tyres are manufactured for different types and classes of vehicles. There are high-speed, designed to conquer off-road or for a leisurely drive through the city streets.

Each model has its own distinctive parameters, due to the appointment of the tyre. The main performance is:

  • abrasion resistance and hydroplaning;
  • holding a predetermined path;
  • your prompt response to braking;
  • sensitivity on the control.

    To improve such indicators manufacturers develop special compounds and tread design. These settings are individual for each model of summer tires.

    The structural features of the protector

    The design drawing also refers to the original development manufacturers. They issued patents confirming the originality of the invention. When you create a drawing, the engineers are guided by several General principles such as carrying capacity, the bus destination. For sports models, for example, typical longitudinal grooves for a tire designed for driving off-road – blocks-lugs. Urban models feature large controls that smooth out vibrations and bumps.

    General characteristic features of the design of the treads on summer tires are:

  • the expressiveness of the large blocks and the main elements responsible for the permeability;
  • the presence of wicking grooves located at different angles of inclination, they are responsible for allocating water and mud from the contact patch, the tyre cannot be aquaplaning retains control when driving on wet roads;
  • ribs – can be a Central element or more (on a high-speed sports models), contribute to a more stable holding of the course;
  • strengthening of the shoulder special grooves for better stability when maneuvering.

    The pattern is directional, non-directional and asymmetric. This feature is also individual for each model of summer tires and is chosen by the manufacturer.

    The features of formula composition

    The material from which today produce summer tyres – a compound, created from many organic and synthetic components. It is based on rubber-silica mixture. It certainly adds a mineral component is silicon dioxide, which provides resistance to premature abrasion when riding on the hard asphalt.

    The composition may include synthetic oil and natural rubber. They are responsible for optimal flexibility of the structure, protect it from excessive softening in hot days. Due to this, the summer tires wear out slower, maintains stability and control speed.

    In conclusion, it is worth noting that to ignore the “integer” car is simply impossible. Timely transition to summer tires (when the average daily temperature not below +10 Celsius) not only provides the comfort and safety of movement, but will protect the wheels and suspension of the car from damage, which can cause riding on hard surface and potholes.

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