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IMF for the first time commented on the emergence of cryptocurrencies

МВФ впервые прокомментировал появление криптовалютIn the organization are confident that e-currencies could undermine the world economy.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not carry a threat to the world’s Central banks and Fiat currencies.

This opinion was expressed by head of the International monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde,

Despite the fact that currently they are “too volatile, too risky, too powerful”, with time this may change, said Lagarde.

“Many cryptocurrencies are too opaque for regulators, some are subject to attack by hackers, noted Lagarde. – However, many of this is due to technical problems that can be solved with time”.

“Some time ago some experts believed that personal computers will never be accepted or that the tablets will be used only as expensive coffee trays. Therefore, I think it is unwise to reject the virtual currency,” she said.

According to Lagarde, people will sooner or later begin to prefer virtual currencies, because to own them will be “easier and safer than banknotes, especially in remote regions, and because these currencies may eventually become more stable.”

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