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IMF changes loan program for Ukraine

МВФ меняет кредитную программу для УкраиныThe Fund has replaced the program of aid to Ukraine with the EFF on stand-by, said the President’s representative in Parliament.

The international monetary Fund has replaced the program of aid to Ukraine with the EFF on stand-by. On Friday, 14 September, said the representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada, people’s Deputy Irina Lutsenko.

“The IMF changed the program help, which worked for a stand-by program. And the program of international assistance of stand-by is given to those countries that came out of the pre-default state. Even the IMF changed the program for the country, which is beginning to develop, but which has still problems, but which is not in preddefoltnom state, reflects the international financial institutions that Ukraine is showing very good growth,” – said Lutsenko.

Earlier, the Cabinet announced that the IMF mission brings to the agenda the outstanding commitments of Ukraine that are considered important at the current stage, to achieve macro-financial stability.

We will note, Ukraine is the second year expects the fifth tranche of the IMF. The national Bank relies on the decision of the IMF tranche before end of the year.

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