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Images of the Chandra telescope have shown, how to create black holes

Снимки телескопа Chandra показали, как формировались черные дырыAstronomers have found thousands of previously unknown black holes.

Pictures of a large number of still unexplored by scientists of black holes was made by the Chandra telescope.

Through these images, astrophysicists were able to follow the evolution of the mysterious phenomena. Information was posted on the website of the Cosmic x-ray laboratory.

One of the researchers involved in the leadership of this work, Neil Brandt works at the University of Pennsylvania. He said that the photos have shocked scientists, especially after they are analyzed. The expert believes that by looking at this picture, you can determine the origin and formation of black holes.

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For their scientific work they compared the photos taken by telescopes Chandra and Hubble. It turned out that 70% of the captured objects are black holes. Scientists believe that with the beginning of the Universe they had a very large mass, and later began to grow on their own, without absorbing other substances. The scientists also concluded that the weight of the hole affects the amount of energy inside it – the smaller its mass, the more it accumulates energy.

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