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“I’m Orthodox”: Datsyuk appealed to Putin to protest

«Я православный»: Дацюк обратился к Путину с протестом

Russian hockey player Pavel Datsyuk turned to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to cancel the new amendments to the law “About the individual account in system of obligatory pension insurance”. About it reports “Ridus”.

Earlier, Putin signed a document allowing the use of the insurance number of individual personal account (SNILS) for identification and authentication information about the physical entity applying for the provision of public services. The document also eliminates a green paper certificate bearing the number of the individual account.

According to Datsyuk, the new law makes a social security number from account number in the Pension Fund in the ID and “e-key to all data about a person — from the base of the traffic police and property to the certificates health and school diaries”.

“The motivation of any Russian Orthodox person to worry for the future of their children and relatives,” — said Datsyuk his position.

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He believes that innovations threaten the national security, as digitization will be exposed to the entire population, including the army, police and intelligence agencies.

“<…> Any person who access the social security number, you will get full information about the person, and lock Snils will deprive people of the opportunity to ride on vehicles, to retirement, to send their children to school, etc. This gives you the ability to manipulate people and their consciousness,” — said hockey player.
According to him, digitization will make personal data of Russian citizens “open to any third party acting against Russia”. He added that the Constitution gives everyone the right to access to public services “regardless of availability”, and at the Nuremberg trials, the international Tribunal has recognized the assignment of people to rooms “crime against humanity”.

In an interview with “Reedus,” Datsyuk was referred to one of the sermons of the priest Sergiy (Romanov). According to the cleric, a database on personal numbers of Russians “is located in Brussels in a computer with the name Frank “the Beast”.

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Under the new law, for newly registered or insured persons, insurance number of individual Ledger accounts will be open electronically. This number can be obtained all the necessary services. Previously issued green cards are still valid, exchanging them is not necessary.

The FIU has assured that the transition to electronic format will not affect pension coverage. Help with a social security number and other information previously indicated on the insurance certificate, will be issued in the client service or management of the Fund. These data are also always available in your account on the website and through the FIU Foundation application for smartphones. It is reported by the Rambler. Next:

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