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“I’m not sleeping, I slow blink”: funny jokes from real life

"Я не сплю, я медленно моргаю": веселые приколы из реальной жизниRemember laughter prolongs life.

Lift yourself up, read funny short jokes.

We offer you the opportunity to forget about problems with humor.

— You know, I love to relax! Here you sit in a chair and can three, even four hours to sit and watch the fish in the aquarium!
— A wife is indignant?
— What does she care what I do at work?

— How do I do it!
— Well, honey, one day only. It’s Thursday.
— What a day? Another 30 years to work!

— Mom, give me a Cup of tea!
— Son, ask for good!
— Mom, give me a Cup of tea.

— Mom, is it true that I after the fifth grade waiting for the disappointment, the bottle and wasted life?
— Vovochka, you why the father was talking to?

The doctor comes to a sick baby and sees his little sister running around the floor barefoot.
— Come on, pretty baby, put on your Slippers, and you’ll get sick, ‘ says the doctor.
After the doctor left, the mother notices that the girl was still running around barefoot.
— You heard what the doctor said?
— Yes, he said I was beautiful.

The woman in the supermarket trying on mink coat, the seller says:
— If the coat is not like my husband, can I hope that you will tell him that he does not take back purchased?

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