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“I’m not drunk, I’m fragrant”: funny jokes from the masters of sarcasm

"Я не пьяный, я ароматный": смешные анекдоты от мастеров сарказмаFunny jokes for good people.

The humor is different – professional, black, kind, and even strange.

In our review of the collected cards that will appreciate first and foremost fans of weird humor.

It is very ambiguous at first glance these jokes.

The man comes home, his wife yells at him:
— Drunk again!
— I am not drunk!
— How not drunk you reek like a barrel of brandy!
I’m telling you, I’m not drunk, I’m fragrant!

— Honey, where’s the sugar?
— Five years of muddle, would like to learn: sugar in a jar of coffee that says “Salt.” But now there is none.

The old man caught a goldfish, she prayed and said to the grandfather:
— Let me go, grandfather, I’m your every wish will come true…
— Want to be a Hero of the Soviet Union!
And left the grandfather alone with two grenades against five tanks…

— The Pope called upon to repel the terrorists.
— Well, finally the good old Crusades!

— Dear, today I go to the club with friends bowling to the morning late, do you mind?
— Honey, go on, of course I love you by the horns do not keep…

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